February 25, 2018

Welcome to our new website! By far the biggest news is that Jukin' Bone has recorded a brand-new studio album, their first in 44 years! With original members Joe Whiting, Mark Doyle, George Egosarian and John DeMaso Miralles, the band enlisted special guest Josh Dekaney on drums and percussion and wrote 9 brand new original songs and also laid down their interpretation of the classic "Today I Sing the Blues." Writing commenced in secret directly after the Sammy Awards last March (where Jukin' Bone was inducted into the Hall of Fame) and continued until recording sessions proceeded over the summer at More Sound and Near Miss, with Mark producing. Spurred on by all of the good will generated by the HOF Award, the band asked themselves the question, "what if we had another chance to finally make the record we always knew we could make?" Well, guys, mission accomplished! The official release date is March 2nd. You can order here - and visit the band's website and Facebook page for an ongoing treasure trove of videos, photos and interviews, new and old.

Jukin' Bone - Unfinished Business


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